GPS location tracking using Codeproof

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The Codeproof platform provides up-to date location history data and physical tracking information for iPhone, iPad and various Android devices. The device's physical location will be displayed on a Google Map. GPS location reports can be exported and downloaded in a excel format.

Enabling the Location Policy in Android

The location tracking policy must be enabled to receive the location data. Enabling the location tracking policy will force-enable the GPS tracking in the device in case if it is turned off. Please follow the below instructions to enable the location tracking policy.


  1. Select a group or a single device in the policy manager.
  2. On the right side, go to "Android Security", Then go to "Agent Policy".
  3. Select on "Enable Device Location Tracking".
  4. Then hit "Save" at the bottom right.
  5. Now GPS location will be enabled in the device.
  6. Then go to "Locate Me" tab to see the location a Google map.


Location tracking in iPhone and iPad

For iPhone and iPad tracking, you must issue "Enable Lost Mode" command from the command center. This is the Apple recommended way to query the accurate GPS location on a supervised iPhone or iPad.


  1. Select an iPhone or iPad in the Policy Manager left side device tree panel.
  2. Go to Command Center.
  3. Select "Enable Lost Mode" command, give it a name and send it to device.
  4. The select "Device Query Location" command and send it to device.
  5. Now device will upload location to MDM server.
  6. Finally go to "Locate Me" tab on right side panel and view the physical location on a Google Map. Details instructions are here.

Viewing physical address in a Google Map:


  1. Select a device in the policy manager left side device tree panel.
  2. On right side, go to "LocateMe" tab.
  3. Click on "Load Current Location" to see physical location address on a Google Map.



Viewing the location history




GPS Location Reports:

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