How to configure Office365 email or Exchange EAS on Apple devices

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To setup a Microsoft Office365 or Exchange Active Sync (EAS) email account remotely on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices, Please following these steps.

  1. Login to Console and select a device node using Mobile Policy Manager.
  2. On right side panel, select "iOS Security" and then select "iOS Configurations".
  3. Then go to "Microsoft Exchange" section
  4. Click on "Enable" to enable the policy and enter the server info.
  5. After entering all the info, hit "Save" button to save all the settings.

To remove the email and all the sync data,

  1. Uncheck "Enable" checkbox.
  2. Hit "Save" button below to save the policy.
  3. Now emails and calendar data are removed automatically.

For example to configure Office 365 use following server names:

Exchange Active Sync Host:

Username: <email-address->

Email: <email-address->

Password: xxxxxxx

See below image illustrations.

Setting up Office365 Email :


You can see the "Exchange Account" profile in the iPhone Settings (Settings->General->Mobile Device Management). See below.



The email Inbox name is "Exchange Email". See below.



Removing Office 365 email inbox:



In the MDM Profile settings "Exchange Profile" has been removed now. See below.




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