Android Zero-touch Enrollment

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The Codeproof EMM platform fully integrates with Android Zero-touch enrollment, enabling zero-touch provisioning for Android 8.0+ devices from selected manufacturers and carriers.

The process typically involves customers working with a carrier or reseller to purchase devices that have been pre-configured for Zero Touch enrollment, and then the carrier will provide the customer with an account on the Zero Touch portal.

Customers can then use the portal to manage their devices, assign them to specific users, and configure settings and policies.


  1. Reach out to zero touch reseller partner and ask them about Android zero-touch enrollment.
  2. Purchase the device from the zero-touch supported telephone carriers and resellers.
  3. Get access to zero touch portal.
  4. Upload IMEI's and assign them to specific EMM in the partner portal here.
  5. Setup MDM policies and approve apps in the Codeproof Admin Console here.
  6. Turn on the devices, The apps and policies will be loaded automatically.

Zero-touch Enrollment Steps

To configure the Zero-Touch portal through a carrier or reseller, follow these steps:

Step 1: Adding Configurations:

  • Go to your customer account where the devices are assigned.
  • Click on the Configurations section on the left side of the screen.
  • Click the "+" button to add a new configuration.
Codeproof Android MDM Zero Touch Enrollment

Step 2: Getting DPC Extra from an EMM vendor.

  • Login to Codeproof Cloud Console and get the DPC extra blob

Step 3: Adding/Importing Devices:

  • Select Codeproof MDM for Android and set any DPC Extras as JSON.
  • Fill in the remaining fields as desired.
  • Set this configuration as the default for all devices by selecting it from the dropdown under Default Configuration.
  • For devices uploaded prior to setting a default configuration, you will need to set this configuration individually for each device.

Step 3: Factory Reset the Device:

  • Once the configurations are set, factory reset the device to have it Zero-Touch enroll with Codeproof as its DPC.

NOTE: The Android Zero Touch portal is designed for carriers and resellers to manage devices for their customers. In order to enroll in the program and gain access to the portal, customers must first work with a carrier or reseller. They will provide instructions on how to enroll and use the portal, as well as support for any issues that may arise during the enrollment process. Complete instructions are here.

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