Restricting access to Account Management

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Blocking the removal of Managed Account profile

The Codeproof EMM automatically blocks the removal of the Android enterprise account profile by end-users on a managed device. Generally end-users can go to the Accounts section in the Settings app to add/remove accounts. Codeproof also supports blocking of entire Accounts management section using a device restriction policy.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to give account management access to end users so they can add Gmail or other account types. Locking the EMM account profile restricts end users from removing their managed account profile accidently or intentionally. On a managed device, The Codeproof platform allows IT administrator to block downloading apps from personal gmail accounts.

See below for image illustrations.

Blocking the entire Account Management

The below Block Account Management policy completes hides the Accounts section in the settings.

Block Account Management MDM Policy

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