Network Monitoring in Android

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Using the Codeproof enterprise mobility platform, now Administrator can remotely monitor the network activities in the android phone and tablet devices. This will help IT security Administrator to have a close watch on network activities in the enterprise and will tremendously increase security. This is the initial version and we will improve this feature in coming days. [NOTE: The following feature is available only on Android 8.0 (Oreo) and above version enabled mobile devices.]

To enable network monitoring, follow below steps.


  1. Login to cloud console and go to mobile policy manager.
  2. Select a group of android devices and then go to "Android Security" tab and then go to "Agent Policy" sub tab.
  3. Select and "Enable Network Logging" and hit "Save"
  4. Log will be collected and available to view in the "Device Properties" section. See below attached image illustrations. [NOTE: The log availability is not in real time, it is controlled by Android operating system.]




Remotely monitor network activities:



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