Multi-tenant Mobile Device Management Architecture

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The Codeproof mobile management platform allows the MDM Administrator to create & assign co-admins to each groups(virtual company). The MDM Administrator can add co-admins account in the "Administration" panel and then assign a particular group to him or her. Now this co-admin can only manage assigned group of devices. He doesn't have a full access to the entire company.

The multi-tenancy is really useful in MSP/reseller/distributor scenarios. The reseller can have a one single Codeproof account dashboard and he/she can create a separate groups for each of his clients. Then assign client-administrators to each of this groups. The client administrator can only manage his company devices.

Adding Co-Administrators

In this example, we are adding a new administrator called and he has only access to "Sanjose Office" group and it's sub-groups. See below screenshot. If you select the ManagedGroup as "Home", then john will have access to all the devices.



Mobile Policy Manager view

For, the Mobile Policy Manager shows only "Sanjose Office" group and it's sub-groups. See below screenshot.




Reseller managing multiple clients in a single account

MSP or a Reseller can have a group(profile) for each of his/her clients. Each profile group can be customized based on client's needs. See below.



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