How to Enable pre-loaded system apps?

How to enable OEM pre-loaded apps in Android Enterprise?

In the Android Enterprise EMM Enrollment, the standard preloaded system apps (e.g., Messaging, chrome, maps etc)  are automatically disabled after the enrollment. During the MDM profile creation, The EMM Administrators have to manually choose the system apps they want to allow on their device(s).

  1. Login to the Cloud Console and head to the Policy Manager in the top menu.
  1. Select the device or group of devices that you want to enable the apps on.
  1. Once you have selected the device head to the Container Manager.
  1. Select the "Enable" checkbox, then click on the "Add Apps" button. This will bring a popup where you can then select "Browse". A dropdown menu will then appear where you can select and add these common apps.

Tip: Make sure to select the proper OEM brand and app. For example, the Camera App is different for Samsung, LG, Sony, Motto, and Kyocera.
  1. After you have selected the app, hit the "Add" button, and at the end remember to press "Save".
Note: There is no need to approve the Camera App in the Container Manager as it is automatically enabled by Codeproof in most devices, along with the Phone app.

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