How to remotely install security certificates in Android?

Satish Shetty Updated by Satish Shetty

MDM Administrator can remotely install security certificates(credentials) in Samsung and LG based mobile devices.


  1. Login to Codeproof Cloud Console
  2. Go to Mobile Policy Manager from the TOP menu
  3. Then select a single device and or a group of devices from the left side tree
  4. From the right side panel, go to "Command Center"
  5. Select command "Install Certificates"
  6. Select the certificate file from the local computer
  7. Enter the certificate name(alias) and password for the security certificate
  8. Select the certificate store.
  9. Click on "Send Command" to push the certificate to selected devices. See below image.


Installing Security Certificate for a Samsung device.



Installing Security Certificate for a LG device.


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