Android App deployment

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The Codeproof MDM Administrator can remotely deploy android apps to hundreds of devices simultaneously. Here are the steps.

1. Deploy apps from Google Playstore.

  1. Go to EMM and then go to "Android Enterprise"
  2. Click on "Approve App from Playstore"
  3. Search the app and "Approve it"
  4. Continue with the "App Permission" dialog and "Save it"
  5. The approved apps will be pushed to device automatically.
  6. If you want to push it instantly, go to "Policy Manager" and then select the device node from the left side tree.
  7. On right side panel, go to "Playstore Manager"
  8. Select the app from the list and then click on "Install App".
  9. The app will be installed instantly. See below image illustrations.

Search and Approve App:


Approve the selected App:


Instantly install apps:



2. Silently Install APKs on a single or group of android devices.

  1. Go to Mobile Policy Manager
  2. Select a device device or a group of devices from the left menu.
  3. Right side, select "Samsung Security" and then select "Command Center"
  4. In the Command Center, Select "Install Application" command and then select a APK from your computer and upload it.
  5. You can also push Application configuration data (json, xml or text blob) as part of the deployment. This data will be stored in the device and accessible via our api interface in the device.
  6. APK will be installed instantly on a selected mobile devices.
  7. Apps will be installed silently and no end user confirmation is required on Samsung and LG platforms. See below image illustrations.




3. Centrally push APKs to all the enrolled mobile devices.

  1. Login to Codeproof console and go to "App Store" from top menu bar.
  2. Click on "Add new App" and enter the app name and publisher name.
  3. Click on "Browse" button to Upload a Android app package (APK) from your computer.
  4. Make sure to select "Deploy" checkbox and Hit "Save"
  5. Now Go to "Mobile Policy Manager" from the top menu and select a group of devices from the left-side tree panel. Right click on a group and select "Device Ping" command to wake-up the devices.
  6. Now APK will be installed instantly on those selected devices. Apps will be installed silently and no end user confirmation is required on Samsung and LG platforms. Rest of the devices will install the app next time when they contact Codeproof Server automatically.




NOTE: If you get a security prompt, please make sure that "App installation from unknown sources" are enabled in the device "Settings". See below image. You can remotely enable this settings via cloud console for "Samsung" and "LG" Mobile devices. Please go to "Device Restrictions" tab to control this settings.

Enable App Installation from unknow resources


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