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Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) comes with a corporate email security feature where only corporate approved devices can download company emails. G Suite advanced mobile security allows the user to download emails only if devices are enrolled via Google approved EMM vendors.

The Codeproof platform is integrated with G Suite Google Mobile Management. Shown below are the steps to bind Codeproof into Google Mobile Management.

Getting the third party EMM token from G Suite

  1. Log in to Google Admin Console
  2. Go to menu Devices Mobile & endpoints Settings on the left side
  3. Then go to Third-party Integrations
  4. Under Third-party integrations, click Android EMM and tick to enable third-party integration.
  5. Once ticked, select Add EMM providers
  6. A screen will display the token. Copy the token and paste it below in the Codeproof Enterprise registration, as shown below.

Import the token into the Codeproof cloud console

  1. Log in to the Codeproof Cloud Console
  2. On the dashboard menu, click EMM.
  3. On the left side menu, select Android Enterprise.
  4. Click on Enroll Enterprise using G Suite Domain button.
  5. Enter the token from G Suite and the domain name and tap on Bind EMM to G Suite.
  6. Now, G Suite will recognize Codeproof EMM in the device.

G Suite third-party mobile management

gsuite third party EMM integration

Approve Apps from Managed Play Store

The EMM administrator can approve required apps from Google Play Store and deploy them to all enrolled devices, as shown below.

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