How to Install an APK?

The IT Administrator has two options for remotely and silently pushing APKs to Android-based devices enrolled in the Codeproof platform.

Using Command Center:

  1. First head to the "Policy Manager" in the upper menu.
  1. Then select a device or group of devices from the left menu.
  1. Next, go to the "Command Center".
  1. From here, select "Install Application".
  1. Then select an APK from your computer and upload it by pressing "Send Command to Device".

Using Enterprise Apps:

Uploading APKs in this manner will automatically deploy the app to all the enrolled devices on the platform.

  1. First head to the "Apps" in the upper menu and then select "Enterprise Apps".
  1. Then select "Add Android Apps".
  1. Choose the APK file you want to push, and the group of devices you want to push it to.
  1. Then click on the "Deploy Now" checkbox, and hit "Save".

  1. Finally, select the device and issue a "Device Ping" to wake it up. The device will then begin the installation process for the app.

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