How to remotely lock the device with a recovery key?

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The MDM Administrator can remotely force lock the Samsung and LG mobile devices using a recovery key and display a custom message on the lock screen. This is a very important step IT administrator has to take to protect confidential data in the mobile device when the device is lost or stolen.


  1. Login to Codeproof Cloud Console
  2. Go to Mobile Policy Manager from the TOP menu
  3. Then select a single device and or a group of devices from the left side tree
  4. From the right side panel, go to "Command Center"
  5. Select command "Lockout Device Now"
  6. Enter the recovery key. NOTE: LG devices needs 16 characters recovery key.
  7. Click on "Send Command" to instantly lock the device. See below image!


LG MDM Admin Portal:



LG Device Screen:



Samsung MDM Admin Portal:



Samsung Device Screen:



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