Apple Devices Enrollment Techniques

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An enterprise Administrator can enroll iPhone and iPad devices with Codeproof in the following ways:

  1. Fully Managed: The easiest way is to purchase Apple devices using Apple Business Manager (formerly DEP). In this case, MDM enrollment is a completely automatic and zero-touch experience. For more information, read about Apple DEP.
  2. Profile (BYOD Scenario): A customer can also download and deploy iOS MDM profiles, as shown in our article on Profile based MDM enrollment for Apple Devices. The profile opens on the Safari browser and Safari installs the MDM profile.
  3. App (BYOD Scenario): The customer can download and install Codeproof MDM app from the App Store and enroll the device in a BYOD scenario.
  4. Bulk Deployment (BYOD Scenario): An administrator can create an MDM enrollment user account in the Administration menu in the Codeproof console and share the enrollment user account with employees. They can also send an email to employees with a link to the Codeproof app, enrollment user ID, and password. For more information, read our article on Bulk Device Enrollment.

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