How to generate QR code for Android Device Enrollment?

  1. First select "Enroll" in the upper menu.
  1. You will find three options here, select "Android".
  1. In the "Select Enrollment Method" chose "QR Code".
  1. Then in the "Select Enrollment Group Profile" chose the group that you are enrolling your device in.
  1. This checkbox allows you to Enable all preloaded apps in the device. Keep it unchecked if you do not want the preloaded apps.
  1. In the "Locale" select the devices place or locality. If your having trouble figuring out your locale check here.
  1. Now in "Timezone" select the Timezone of your region so the device will automatically change once enrolled.
  1. Selecting the "Add WiFi Credentials" will allow you to add Wifi credentials so your device will automatically be connected to the WiFi once enrolled.
  1. Once you have finished everything you can select "Generate QR Code" and a QR code for your enrollment will appear.

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