Android Enterprise Custom Messages

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The Codeproof EMM platform supports following custom support messages. These messages are shown to end-users in the device. The EMM administrator can customize these messages per device basis or a group of devices.

  • Set a custom lockscreen message - Shown on lock screen
  • Set a custom message for blocked settings (up to 200 characters) - Short message shown when settings are blocked.
  • Set a custom message for users to view in Settings - Detailed message shown in Settings.

See below policy editor :


In the above image, the "Enable" checkbox is checked then only the custom messaging policies are enforced. If it is unchecked, no operation is performed.

Setting a custom lock screen message:

  • If lock screen message is empty then, the device administrator's custom message will be cleared in the device and then the end user can customize their own lock screen message.
  • If lock screen message contains only white-spaces then the message on the lock screen will be blank and the user will not be allowed to change it.

See below image illustrations.



Custom Message for Blocked Settings:

See following blocked settings message examples:

1. App Permission management blocked:



2. Detailed blocking message view:




3. WiFi Settings Change Blocked:




4. Date Time Change blocked:




5. Adding New Accounts Blocked:




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