How to Deploy the Amazon Flex App

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Starting June 6, 2024, the new Amazon Flex app is available for download on the Google Play Store for all Android devices. The current version of the Amazon Flex app will be deprecated on July 31.

Previously, the Amazon Flex app could only be downloaded as an APK file from their website, making updates cumbersome. Now, with its availability on the Google Play Store, the app will be easily deployed and updated via the Codeproof Cyber Device Manager MDM platform.

Please note that the old app and the new app have different package identifiers, so you must uninstall the old APK version before installing the new version.

Old Package Name (APK)

New Package Name (PlayStore)

How to Uninstall the Old Version of the Amazon Flex App

  1. Login to Codeproof console here.
  2. In the Console Dashboard, Go to 'Mobile Policy Manager' from top menu.
  3. Using the left-side tree, select the group or device that you would like to uninstall the Amazon Flex app.
  4. Go to 'Command Center' tab on right side panel.
  5. Select 'Uninstall Application' command and choose package name from the list and click on 'Send Command to Device' button.
  6. Ensure to delete the Amazon Flex app from the Enterprise apps list. Refer to the below picture.

Deploying the New Amazon Flex App Directly from the Google Play Store

  1. Navigate to 'Apps' menu at the top and select 'Android Enterprise Setup' from left side panel.
  2. Click on 'Search and Approve App' the from Playstore.
  3. Search for the Amazon Flex app and click 'Approve.'
  4. Proceed through the 'App Permission' dialog and click 'Save.'

Search and Approve App:

Enabling Amazon Flex App Auto-Update

By enabling the MDM policy 'Auto Install and Approved Apps', the Amazon Flex app will be installed automatically and updated whenever an update is available, without requiring any end-user interaction. Refer to the image illustrations below.


Q1. Will the app expereince change?

No, the in-app experience will remain the same. Just sign in and continue delivering.

Q2. What to do with the old Amazon Flex app?

The package name for the old Amazon Flex and the new app is different. Please uninstall the old version, or else you will have two apps on your home screen. The old version will stop working after July 31, 2024.

Q3. Are manual updates required?

No. By default, Codeproof automatically updates all the deployed apps. Please make sure to connect to a Wi-Fi network for the auto-update to happen smoothly.

Q4. Which package name is to be used to delete the older version of the Amazon Flex app?

Q5. What are the package names for the old Amazon Flex and the new Amazon Flex that are available in the Playstore?

Old Amazon Flex Package name:

The new Amazon Flex Package name:

For additional support, please contact our technical support team.

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