Kiosk screen lock with a pin

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The Codeproof platform offers a Kiosk screen lock feature with multiple userid and pin code support. Shared mobile devices can be used by multiple employees with their own individual userid and pin code. This is a simple userid and pin code management system through Codeproof platform without using the heavy-duty Android keyguard password management.

The MDM Administrator create multiple userid and pin code in the MDM cloud console.

In the device, The screen will be locked and will prompt for a pin code to unlock. Multiple userid and pins are supported. For example, with a cash register mobile POS kiosk, each casher can have their own pin code to unlock the POS.

codeproof kiosk screenlock
codeproof kiosk screenlock

After the successful device unlock, the end user will be able to access all the allowed apps in the device.

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