How to turn-off kiosk mode?

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The MDM administrator can remotely turn-off kiosk mode.


  1. Login to Codeproof Cloud Console
  2. Go to Mobile Policy Manager from the TOP menu
  3. Then select a single device and or a group of devices from the left side tree
  4. From the right side panel, go to "Kiosk App Management"
  5. Select "All Apps" and hit "Save"
  6. Now All the apps icon will be shown in the home-screen.
  7. If you want to remove Codeproof Home Screen app, Please follow these instructions.
    1. In the Admin portal, go to "Kiosk Mode" tab and uncheck "Kiosk Package" policy. See below image illustrations.
    2. In the Android device (Marshmallow version), Go to "Applications" then go to "Default Applications" then go to "Home Screen" and switch the home screen back to default home-screen app. See below image illustrations.


Enabling all the app icons in the Home Screen.



Disabling Codeproof Home Screen App




Switching Home Screen app on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)




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