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The Codeproof MDM/UEM platform offers location-based mobile policies, also known as Geofencing. With this feature, an administrator can define multiple geographical regions within the Codeproof console and apply mobile policies to devices in those regions. When a device is identified within a defined region's boundary, the regionally restricted policies set by the administrator are automatically enforced. Similarly, when the device exits the region, the policy automatically reverts.

Here is a list of applicable policies:

  1. Disable or block the camera in certain geographical areas. For example, the administrator can automatically block the phone's camera within the company campus. This feature prevents unauthorized users or devices from using the camera to take pictures or videos, thereby helping to prevent data leakage and theft.

  1. Notify the administrator via email or SMS when the device enters or exits a specified region.

Please note that Google has updated the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) security requirements starting from Android 10, while Apple has introduced changes beginning with iOS 13. For fully managed, company-owned devices, we have the capability to fully control and disable the camera within the geofenced area remotely. However, on BYOD devices with newer operating systems, we won't be able to block the camera due to the updated security requirements.

Below is a table listing the test cases:

Camera Blocking



Fully Managed (AE/ABM)




Not supported since Android 10

Not supported since iOS 13

Steps to Enable Campus Camera Blocking:

  1. Login to Cloud Console here.
  2. Go to Mobile Policy Manager from top menu.
  3. Expand the tree on left side and select a device or group of devices.
  4. On right hand side panel, goto Android Security or iOS Security and then go to "Geofencing" tab.
  5. Click on Enable checkbox and Add location coordinates latitude, longitude and radius(in meters) of the region. See below.

In order to find out latitude and longitude of your location, In your iPhone, Open Codeproof App and go to "Device Information" page. At the bottom, latitude and longitude information available. Enter this info in the console. Also enter radius in meters. [Note: You must enable location service for Codeproof]. See below.

  1. Save the policy by clicking on "Save" button.
  2. After enabling the geofencing policy in the policy manager, In the iPhone or iPad, open Codeproof app and tap on "Update Policy". The app will render the following screens.


Codeproof MDM iPhone app


Note: In order location-based policies to work properly, please update to the latest version of the Codeproof App installed on the iOS device. please make sure that "Background App Refresh" and "location services" are enabled for Codeproof App. See below.

Codeproof MDM Background App Refresh in iOS7+

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