Enterprise-Wide Secure Business SMS/Text Messaging

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Elevate your business communication strategy with the Codeproof Cyber Device Manager Platform. Tailored for mobility-centric businesses, it enables Admins and Managers to effortlessly dispatch bulk business SMS/text messages directly from the cloud console to all employees. Beyond simple message tracking, this solution excels in streamlining company-wide notifications, offering a superior alternative to traditional email methods. It's a reliable asset for home health care providers, pharmaceutical labs, and other industries in need of robust, secure mobile messaging capabilities.

The Codeproof Cyber Device Manager platform accommodates long SMS messages up to 1600 characters. However, for optimal deliverability and user experience, Codeproof advises limiting SMS messages to 320 characters or less.

1. Send an SMS text to all the phones in the group "iOS Devices". See below image illustrations.



2. Send an SMS Text to a single iPhone. See below.



3. Edit the message and send it. See below.


4. Message will appear in the iPhone or Android Phone. See below.



NOTE: Follow the same steps to send an SMS Text to Android Phones.


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