Remotely Configuring APN Settings with Codeproof Android MDM

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With the Codeproof Android MDM platform, IT administrators gain robust control over phone management, including the ability to remotely configure Access Point Name (APN) settings within SIM cards for the mobile carrier network. This feature allows for seamless connectivity management and ensures that devices remain configured according to organizational requirements.

Key Benefits:

  1. Remote Configuration: IT administrators can remotely configure APN settings, eliminating the need for manual intervention on individual devices.
  2. Enhanced Control: Override APN settings can be added remotely, ensuring that they are managed centrally and cannot be modified by end-users.
  3. Consistency: By enforcing standardized APN settings across devices, organizations can maintain consistency in network connectivity, reducing potential connectivity issues.

How It Works:

  1. Access Control Panel: IT administrators access the Codeproof dashboard to initiate remote configuration of APN settings.
  2. Configure APN Settings: Within the dashboard, administrators can specify the desired APN settings, including any override configurations.
  3. Apply Settings Remotely: The configured APN settings are remotely pushed to the target devices, ensuring swift and consistent implementation.
  4. Centralized Management: Once applied, the APN settings are centrally managed within the Codeproof platform, preventing unauthorized modifications.

The Codeproof Android MDM platform empowers IT administrators with the capability to remotely configure and manage APN settings, ensuring seamless connectivity and enhancing control over device configurations. By leveraging this feature, organizations can streamline device management processes and maintain standardized connectivity across their mobile fleet.

Configuration parameters:

Entry Name

Name of the APN Configuration

APN Name

Access Point Name


Mobile Country Code


Mobile Network Code


MMSC URI for the Carrier

Proxy Server

HTTP proxy hostname for the APN

Proxy Port

Port number of the proxy server

APN Policy Dashboard:

Android APN configuration using Codeproof MDM

Remotely view the APN settings from the SIM card:

Remotely view the APN settings from the SIM card

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