Phone Remote Lock and Remote Data Wipe By SMS

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Codeproof Technologies has enhanced its data leakage prevention capabilities on our Android platform by supporting remote SMS wipe and lock. This comes really handy when phone is not connected to internet (offline).

By sending an SMS text, administrators can remotely lock any Android phone or wipe all the data from an Android phone and return the phone to its factory defaults.

To use this feature follow these instructions:

Step 1: Make sure Codeproof is installed and setup on the targeted Android phone.

Step 2: Login to Codeproof console and obtain the Agentid of the Android phone. The Agentid is shown in the device properties screen of the Codeproof Mobile Policy Manager. See this marked in red below.

Finding AgentId

Step 3: Use ANY phone, with SMS capabilities, and send following SMS text to lock the targeted Android phone.

CP LOCK {Android phone Agentid}

CP LOCK 805f2552-8008-4c55-a19b-b181d739871e

Step 4: Similarly you can send the following SMS text to wipe all the data on the targeted Android phone

CP WIPE {Android phone Agentid}

CP WIPE 805f2552-8008-4c55-a19b-b181d739871e

After the successful execution of above commands, you can confirm the events within the Codeproof console dashboard. See this below marked in red.

SMS Wipe event

NOTE: In order this feature to work, You must install the latest version of our Android App. Download link is here.

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