How to limit mobile data usage?

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Using the Codeproof MDM/EMM platform, The IT Administrator can remotely restrict and limit the mobile cellular data usage in all the Samsung phones and 3G/4G/LTE tablets.


  1. Login to the Codeproof Cloud Console.
  2. Select "Policy Manager" from the top menu.
  3. Select a device or a group of Samsung devices from the left side tree panel.
  4. On right side, Go to "Samsung Security" and then goto "Phone Management".
  5. Enable "Phone Restriction" checkbox.
  6. Select "Limit cellular data usage" checkbox and enter all 3 fields. For example: To set the data usage limit to 100MB by day, 500MB by week, 1GB by month, The field values in bytes are: 104857600, 524288000, 1073741824
  7. Hit "Save" and save the policy at the group or node level.
  8. Once the limit is reached, the phone will disable "Mobile Data" usage in the device. You can check this value remotely by issuing a device ping command and then examining the field value "MobileDataEnabled" in the device property tab. See below image illustrations.


1. Phone Management Policy



2. Set the Usage limit per day, per week and per month



3. MobileDataEnabled property shows that cellular data limit is reached or not.




4. The "Device Usage Report" shows the data consumption each month.






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