Difference between Reset All Settings v/s Erase All Content And Settings?

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Reset All Settings 

iOS devices feature a "Reset Contents" function to clear all data in certain cases for troubleshooting purposes. This function cannot be prevented through an MDM policy.

The Reset Contents function will reset all configurations, including network settings, wallpaper, keyboard dictionary, location data, privacy settings, and Apple Pay cards, back to their default values. No data or media will be lost. Apple documentation is here.  

MDM restrictions do not block the above-mentioned operation. However, the following configurations can be preserved if they were set through MDM.

  • If a passcode policy is enabled through MDM, the passcode will remain on the device.
  • If WiFi settings are configured through MDM, those settings will remain on the device.
  • The Wallpaper can be retained by disallowing the "Allow Wallpaper Modification" (allowWallpaperModification) restriction policy in MDM.
  • The Apple ID prompt can be suppressed by disabling the "Allow Account Modification" (allowAccountModification) restriction policy in MDM.

Erase All Content And Settings

The "Erase All Contents and Settings" function thoroughly erases all data and configurations from the device.

The MDM restriction prevents the "Erase All Contents and Settings" option. This feature is only available on supervised devices running iOS 8 and later or macOS 12 and later. Apple documentation is here.

iPhone Reset All Settings - Codeproof MDM

iPhone Reset All Settings - Codeproof MDM

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