How to block "Settings" changes in Android devices?

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There are two ways, The EMM Administrator can restrict changes to Samsung, LG and other Android device Settings. One way is using the restriction policies in Samsung & LG devices. The other way is by enabling kiosk mode in rest of the Android based devices.

A. Using Restriction Policies in Samsung and LG.

Using the Codeproof, The EMM Administrator can restrict changes to "Settings" in Samsung and LG based devices.


  1. Sign-up to Codeproof here.
  2. Install Samsung Security App in the Samsung device and LG Security app in the LG device. (app download links.)
  3. Open app and enroll device by entering Codeproof account info.
  4. Log-in to Codeproof cloud console.
  5. Go to "Policy Manager" from the top menu.
  6. Select a device or a group of devices and then go to "Device Restrictions" on Samsung. On LG go to "App Restrictions" tab.
  7. Uncheck "Settings Changes" and hit "Save".
  8. Now in the device, Settings changes are blocked. See below image illustrations.

Samsung Device Restrictions

Blocking "Settings" changes in Samsung using "Device Restrictions" policy. See below.



LG App Restrictions

Blocking "Settings" changes in LG using "App Restrictions" policy. See below.



B. Using Kiosk Mode

On any type of Android devices, EMM Administrator can install the Codeproof App Manager (Kiosk) App from google playstore and block settings app.

More info can be found here.

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