Android MDM Setup using ADB Script

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The below ADB script will install the codeproof MDM app, enable the android enterprise device owner mode and launch the codeproof MDM app in the device. Once these is complete, The customer can continue enroll the device using the normal enrollment credentials (QR code or login credentials).  


  1. Download and extract the zip file to a local folder on your Windows PC.
  2. Open Windows command prompt from the folder.
  3. Enable the USB debugging in the device.
  4. Connect the device to Windows PC using a USB port.
  5. Run "codeproof-deviceowner-setup.bat" in case of single device connected to the Windows PC.
  6. Run "codeproof-deviceowner-setup-bulk.bat" in case of multiple devices connected to the Windows PC.

NOTE: If there is any accounts (gmail or other types) in the device, Please remove it by going to "Settings-> Accounts". If not the script fail to enable device owner mode.

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