Bulk Device Deletion

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MDM administrators now have the capability to efficiently delete multiple enrolled devices in bulk using the Codeproof platform. This feature empowers administrators to remotely remove enrolled mobile devices from their accounts while also freeing up MDM licenses.

Here's how it works:

Bulk Deletion by Group Profile:

  1. Begin by selecting the Group Profile containing the devices you want to remove.
  2. Delete all the devices within the chosen group profile simultaneously.

Individual Device Removal:

  1. Alternatively, you can opt to select individual devices for removal.
  2. Simply choose the specific devices you wish to remove from the group.

Device Erase Prompts:

Once a device is removed, it automatically triggers a device erasure process. This erasure effectively removes all associated MDM policies and apps, ensuring a clean and secure disconnection from the MDM system.

Codeproof Android MDM license retire Prompt

Codeproof Android MDM license retire device erase Prompt

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