What is Android Enterprise?

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Android Enterprise (formerly known as Android for Work) is secure and flexible enterprise mobility management framework to enable true workforce productivity among the increasingly mobile workforce. The framework is available for OS versions Android Marshmallow (Android 6.0) and above, and offers a range of server and client-side APIs. The platform offers the following key functionality:

1. Device Provisioning

Streamlined provision of Android devices in the enterprise at scale. EMM/MDM administrators can leverage the following provisioning capabilities with the Android Enterprise platform:

  • NFC based provisioning
  • Token based provisioning
  • Zero-touch provisioning

2. Mobile Device Management

Using the Android Enterprise framework, EMM vendors can take care of the following user device scenarios:

  • Device Owner - Managing company owned devices in a corp-liable environments. IT Administrator can enable device wide restrictions such as application side-loading, developer mode, factory reset, safe mode boot, ..etc
  • Profile Owner - Managing employee owned devices in a BYOD environments. IT Administrator can enforce work container restrictions such as copy/paste of data, screen capture etc. Selectively wipe of work container and keeping the personal data container intact.

3. Mobile App Management

The Android Enterprise framework offers API integration with third-party EMM platforms to enable purchase, configuration and silent distribution of apps directly from Google PlayStore.


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