How to manage mobile devices and apps using Codeproof?

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Following blog article describes how to secure and manage mobile devices and apps using Codeproof.

1. Signup at go to ΓÇ£sign-upΓÇ¥ from top right menu bar.
2. Install Codeproof app on your device from Appstore. (go to appstore and search for ΓÇ£CodeproofΓÇ¥)
3. Open ΓÇ£Codeproof AppΓÇ¥ and enroll your device by entering your Codeproof username & password
4. Login to Console at to manage all your devices.

Basic device management includes following.

Enabling Passcode on all your devices: Steps are below.
1. Login to console and then go to "Mobile Policy Manager" from top menu.
2. Select single device or group of devices from left-side tree.
3. For iOS Devices, On right side go to "iOS Security" then go to "iOS configurations" to enable "Passcode" on all your iOS devices.
4. For Android Devices, On right side goto "Android Security" then goto "Android Policy" tab to enable passcode on all your Android Devices.

Get familiar with Command Center:
When device is lost or stolen, you can go to command center and remotely lock the device, or even erase the contents in the device by sending "Data Wipe" command. Select single device (not group) from left-side tree, then go to "iOS Security" on right side and then go to "Command Center".

Push Mobile app to all the devices:
Using Codeproof's "App Store" section in the web-console, to deploy mobile apps to all your enrolled devices automatically. This is real simple and saves lot of time. More info can be found here

To learn more about advanced management capabilities, please follow these links.

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