The new Samsung MDM Agent App

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We have launched a new Samsung MDM app. With the new Samsung MDM app, IT admins can restrict Samsung device with a lot more policies such as blocking split-screen, blocking safe mode boot, enabling branding logo in the lock screen, remotely configuring IMAP email etc. We are decommissioning the existing Samsung MDM app and we will not be making any updates to it in the future. We recommend you migrate to the new Samsung MDM app and take the advantage of new policies.

Migration steps:

  1. Remove the old Codeproof Samsung MDM app from the device. Here are the instructions.
  2. Install the new app from google play store.
  3. Previously configured policies will be downloaded automatically from Codeproof server. You don't have to make any changes in the Admin Cloud Console.

NOTE: For speedy deployments, the enterprise customers can request MDM app APK file directly from us. Please send us an email to

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