MDM Deployment Scenarios

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The Codeproof Workspace Manager offers following MDM deployment scenarios.

Codeproof MDM deployment scenarios chart

Company Owned - Fully Managed: This deployment scenario is for company owned device. In this case, the entire device, all apps are managed by the company. The MDM enrollment requires a factory reset of the device.

Employee Owned - Container Managed: In this case, employees bring their personal device to work. Device will be enrolled into MDM to access company apps and resources by creating a workspace container (work profile) in the device. Only workspace container is managed by Admin and rest of the device is controlled by employee. The MDM enrollment does not require a factory reset of device. Simply create a workspace container in Android and install the MDM profile in Apple devices (iOS and MacOS).

Kiosk Mode - Multi Apps: The company owned device is restricted to run few selected business apps. For example, DSP customer uses Amazon Flex app, Waze Maps App..etc and block all the OEM preloaded apps in the device.

Kiosk Mode - Single App: The company owned device is allowed to run a single app through out the life time of the device. Nothing else can be done on this device. This is called single App Mode in Apple and Lock Task Mode in Android Enterprise. This is an absolutely restrictive mode.

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