Contacts Management

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The Codeproof platform simplifies the organization of your phone contacts and communications. Through our centralized system, MDM/UEM Administrators can easily publish and manage business contacts on devices. This not only streamlines contact management but also ensures that existing user contacts remain untouched, as the upload operation does not overwrite them.

Note: As of now, phone contacts management is available exclusively on the Android platform.

Contact Management Functions:

  • Add Contact: Enter a single contact info.
  • Import Contacts: Import contacts from a .VCF file or .CSV file.
  • Export Contacts: Export contacts to a .VCF file or .CSV file.
  • Delete All: This function will delete all the contacts.

Currently the following contact fields are supported:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Nick Name
  4. Title
  5. Company
  6. Mobile Phone
  7. Work Phone
  8. Email
  9. Work Address
  10. Home Address
  11. Notes

The Contact Manager interface in the Policy Manager.:

The "Contacts App" is listing the Contacts:


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