iOS7 background apps from being killed by App Switcher

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iOS-7 introduced a new feature called App Switcher. Using App Switcher feature, end-user can simply terminate an App. If Codeproof App is terminated by App Switcher, Codeproof App wonΓÇÖt be restarted in the background automatically by iOS7.

We recommend not to terminate Codeproof app. Without the Codeproof app running in the background, Codeproof console won't be able to accurately locate the device.

See below - how app switcher works.

App Switcher in iOS7

App Switcher in iOS7

To kill an app, Please follow these steps:

1. Double tap "Home" button
2. App switcher screen will come-up
3. Simply hold and swipe up each app screen that you want to kill.
4. Once you kill an app, app won't be started automatically in the background anymore.

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