How to remotely wipe all the data from Android Phone

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Using Codeproof, you can remotely erase all the data from your Android Phone, Android Tablet, Samsung, LG, iPhone or iPad. This article explains how do it in case of Samsung Phone.

  • If you are not using Codeproof, Signup with Codeproof Service.
  • If you are an existing customer, log-in to Codeproof Cloud Console.
  • Go to Policy Manager from top menu.
  • Select your phone or tablet device from left-side tree.
  • Now in the console go to Command center tab and select command Data Wipe and send it to a phone or a tablet. [Please make sure you backup your phone data (Contacts, photos and documents) to your PC/Laptop or cloud.]
    See below.
  • Now phone will erase all the data including contacts, apps, photos and documents and device will go back to factory default.

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