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An MDM Administrator can remotely remove account profiles on Android-based devices. For example, Administrator can remotely remove a Gmail account or an Office Exchange email account profile from the device. NOTE: The remove command is supported on Android P (Android 9.0 - SDK level 28) and above versions of the Android.


  1. Login to Cloud Console
  2. Go to Policy Manager
  3. Select a device or a group
  4. On the right-side panel go to Command Center
  5. Under the (Select Command) drop down, click "Remove Account"
  6. Enter the Account Name. It can just be the account email. You can retrieve this email from the Device Properties, as shown below.
  7. Click Send Command to Device to Send the command to the device
  8. The account will instantly be removed from the device

Retrieving account email:

Command Center:

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