iPhone and iPad Restriction Policies

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Following iPhone and iPad MDM restriction policies can be remotely enabled or disabled using Codeproof MDM. Using Codeproof cloud console, Administrator can turn on or off these policies on a single device or a group of devices. Download the entire list here


iPhone and iPad MDM Policies








  1. Allow Account Modification(Supervised only)
  2. Allow AirDrop(Supervised only)
  3. Allow App Cellular Data Modification(Supervised only)
  4. Allow Assistant User Generated Content(Supervised only)
  5. Allow Find My Friends Modification(Supervised only)
  6. Allow Fingerprint For Unlock
  7. Allow Host Pairing(Supervised only)
  8. Allow Lock Screen Control Center
  9. Allow Lock Screen Notifications View
  10. Allow Lock Screen Today View
  11. Allow open from Managed to Unmanaged
  12. Allow open from Unmanaged to Managed
  13. Allow OTA PKI Updates
  14. Autonomous Single App Mode Permitted AppIDs(Supervised)
  15. Force Limit Ad Tracking
  16. Allow Activity Continuation
  17. Allow Enabling Restrictions(Supervised only)
  18. Allow Enterprise Book Backup
  19. Allow Enterprise Book Metadata Sync
  20. Allow Erase Content And Settings(Supervised only)
  21. Allow Managed Apps Cloud Sync
  22. Allow Spotlight Internet Results(Supervised only)
  23. Accept Cookies in Safari
  24. Allow iBookstore(iOS 6.0 - Supervised only)
  25. Allow JavaScript in Safari
  26. Block Pop-ups in Safari
  27. Enable iTune Store
  28. Enable Safari Web Browser
  29. Enable Youtube
  30. Force Fraud Warning in Safari
  31. Safari Allow Autofill
  32. Allow explicit music & podcasts
  33. Allow iBookstore Erotica(iOS 6.1)
  34. Allowed Apps rating
  35. Allowed Movies rating
  36. Allowed TV Shows rating
  37. Ratings region
  38. Allow Adding Game Center Friends
  39. Allow Automatic sync while roaming
  40. Allow Game Center(iOS 6.0 - Supervised only)
  41. Allow Installing Apps
  42. Allow Passbook While Locked(iOS 6.0)
  43. Allow Removing Apps(Supervised only)
  44. Allow Siri When Device is Locked
  45. Enable Camera
  46. Enable FaceTime
  47. Enable InApp Purchases
  48. Enable Multiplayer gaming
  49. Enable Screen Capture
  50. Enable Siri
  51. Enable Video Conferencing
  52. Enable Voice Dialing
  53. Force user to enter iTune password for all purchases
  54. Allow Shared Photo Stream(iOS 6.0)
  55. Enable iCloud Backup
  56. Enable iCloud Document sync
  57. Enable iCloud Photo Stream
  58. Allow Configuration Profile Installation(iOS 6.0 - Supervised)
  59. Allow Diagnostic Data to be sent to Apple
  60. Allow user to accept untrusted TLS certificates
  61. Force encrypted backup

Download the entire list here

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