Amazon Flex App Deployment

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IT Administrators can silently deploy and update the Amazon Flex app using the Codeproof platform. The Amazon Flex app is not available in the Google Play Store. Only Codeproof MDM can deploy the app directly from Amazon's servers. To deploy the Amazon Flex app, follow the directions below.


  1. Login to Cloud Console
  2. Go to Policy Manager from the top menu
  3. On the left hand panel, select a device or a group of devices to which you want to deploy the app
  4. On right side panel, go to the Command Center
  5. Select the command "Install/Update Amazon Flex App"
  6. Click on "Send Command to Device"
  7. The app will be instantly installed or updated in the device
  8. Check the command center status for the application install or update status. You can see the package name in the command result Install Success [].

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