Android Enterprise QR Code Generation

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Android Nougat (7.0+) and above support QR code-based MDM enrollment for company-owned devices. QR code based enrollment avoids unnecessary steps and makes enrollment a snap. In order to manually generate the Android enterprise compatible enrollment QR code, follow the steps given below:


  1. Generate the provisioning JSON blob containing the extra provisioning bundle. Here is a sample provisioning blob for Codeproof MDM.
"": false,
"": {
"enrollment-userid": "",
"enrollment-password": "enroll2020",
"enrollment-group": "Android Devices",
"enrollment-type": "QRC"

  1. Copy and paste the above JSON blob in a QR generation tool, like QR code generator.
  2. The QR code generator will automatically generate a QR code for device enrollment. Shown below is a QR Code sample for Android Enterprise MDM enrollment.
    NOTE: This is a sample QR code for illustration purposes only. To get your Codeproof enrollment QR code, visit our QR code enrollment guide.

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