Deploying Web Apps in Android Enterprise

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An IT Administrator can remotely deploy Android web apps to all the enrolled devices. A web app converts a web page into an Android app on your device, making it easier to find, install, and manage. An IT Administrator can distribute web apps through the managed Play Store, like native apps. To deploy web apps through the Codeproof MDM, please follow the steps below.


  1. Login to Codeproof cloud console
  2. Go to the Apps menu
  3. On the left hand panel, click on Managed PlayStore.
  4. On the right hand panel, click on Create Web Apps followed by the plus symbol on the bottom right, as shown below.
    1. In the "New web app" panel, enter your web app Title and URL(link)
    2. Select between three display modes: Full screen, Standalone, and Minimal UI
    3. You can also upload a custom icon for your web app (recommended). Icon size should be 512x512 pixels in .png or .jpeg format.
      NOTE: If you need assistance in creating icons, contact Codeproof support
  5. Once you create a web app, it will show up in the “Approved Apps” list
  6. Deploy the web app to your chosen device(s) like any other native app

Creating Web Apps:

Creating Web Apps

Enter your Web App name and URL:

Enter your Web App URL
Adding URL in Web Apps

Select display mode and Icon:

Select display mode and icon for web apps

Deployment of Web Apps

To deploy a web app, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Policy Manager
  2. On the left hand panel, select the device node or folder
  3. On right side panel, go to Playstore Manager
  4. Select the web app from the list and then click on Install App
  5. The app will be installed instantly, as shown below

Instantly install web apps:

Web App deployment from Playstore manager

Add web apps to kiosk home screen

To deploy a web app to the kiosk home screen, please follow the steps below:

  1. To determine the package name:
    1. Go to the APPS menu and then click on “Android Enterprise”.
    2. Click on “Browse approved apps”.
    3. Search for the web app which you want to add in the kiosk home page
    4. The package name. The package name forms the end part of the URL after "id=?." Copy it
  2. Go to Policy Manager
  3. On the left hand panel, select the folder or device on which you want to add the web app
  4. Click on the Kiosk App Management tab
  5. Under Allowed Apps Whitelist, click on “Add Apps,” enter the web app name, paste the package name, and save the changes.

Kiosk Mode:

Web App in Kiosk mode

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