Android Enterprise (AE) Setup

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Using our Android Enterprise (AE) MDM interface, formerly known as Android-for-work (AfW), The IT Administrator can manage all brands of Android devices using a single interface. The real advantage of using AE over our Samsung MDM or LG MDM is that, using AE, The IT administrator can centrally push apps from google playstore and maintain an enterprise appstore. Our AE implementation is also supports silent APK deployment if needed but it is mostly not necessary as long as app is available in google playstore. App updates will happen automatically and no need of setup any gmail account in the device. AE also supports container management for BYOD scenarios. AE makes enrollment easier by downloading MDM app silently as part of the device setup.


1. Enrolling Enterprise:

Enroll the company in Android Enterprise using a gmail. This is required by Google.

In the Codeproof Console/Dashboard, Go to EMM from the top menu and then go to "Android Enterprise/Android For Work" from the left menu. Click on "Enroll Enterprise" and enroll the organization using a Gmail account(preferably using a company gmail account). Then add any apps from work Playstore, which needs to be deployed. These apps will be installed in the device automatically. Here are the detailed step by step instructions [Download Admin Guide].


2. Device Enrollment

I. Company Owned Device Enrollment:

In order to enroll the company owned devices, you must factory reset the device and follow the Android setup wizard. The Codeproof MDM app will be installed automatically as part of the device setup. Here are the detailed step by step instructions. [Download Enrollment Guide]

II. BYOD Device Enrollment:

To create a workspace container on employee owned devices, Install Codeproof Android MDM app from google playstore. Here are the detailed step by step instructions. [Download BYOD Enrollment Guide].

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