Enabling pre-loaded system apps in Android Enterprise

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In the Android Enterprise(Android For Work) EMM enrollment, the default pre-loaded system apps will be disabled automatically after the enrollment. This is to increase mobile security by blocking all the OEM pre-loaded bloatware apps which are not required for business purpose. So EMM Administrators have to allow which system apps they need in the device. Even for common apps such as camera, calendar, clock, messages ..etc we need to enable them in the cloud console.


  1. Login to Cloud Console and then go to Policy Manager from the top menu.
  2. On left side, Select a group such as "Android Devices".
  3. Right side got to "Container Manager" and select "Enable" checkbox.
  4. Then click on "Add Apps" button and then click on "Browse" to select and add common apps.
  5. Make sure that you select a proper OEM brand and app. For example, Camera app package name is different in Samsung v/s LG v/s Sony v/s Motto v/s Kyocera.
  6. See the attached image illustration below.



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