Remove MDM from ABM-DEP Enrolled Devices

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The steps to remove Codeproof MDM from ABM-DEP Enrolled iOS Devices are:


  1. Login to Codeproof cloud console, then go to Enroll-> Apple Business Manager - ABM/DEP. On right side panel, click "Manage," select the iOS device from the list, and click on “Remove MDM” to un-assign MDM
  2. Go to Policy Manager-> Select the device on the left side panel. On right side panel, select “Command Center.”
  3. In the (Select Command) menu, select "Data Wipe" and wipe the device by clicking the "Send Command to Device" button.
  4. The device will now be erased
  5. Now go to the left side panel, right click on the device and select "Delete" to delete the device node. Please refer to the below image illustrations
Go to Apple Business Manager (DEP):
Managing DEP enrolled devices
Select the device from the list to remove MDM:
Selecting the device from the list to remove ABM-DEP Enrolled iOS Device
Send Data wipe command:
Sending Data Wipe command to IOS devices using Codeproof MDM
Remove node from the list:
Deleting device entry from the console

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