Android LockTask Mode and MDM

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LockTask Mode is a powerful feature in Android that allows you to lock the device into a single app, preventing the user from accessing other apps or features. With LockTask Mode, you can disable the power button, home button, quick settings, and overview buttons, ensuring that the user can only access the designated app. It is also called kiosk mode or Single app mode.

On the other hand, MDM such as Codeproof, is a cloud-based service that allows you to manage Android devices remotely. With an MDM solution, you can perform a variety of tasks, such as managing device settings, pushing apps and updates, enforcing security policies, and remotely wiping a device in case it's lost or stolen. MDM also provides detailed reporting and analytics that can help you track device usage and identify potential issues.

While in LockTask Mode, it's not possible to perform a system update directly from the device. However, using MDM, you can still manage the system update in the background. Additionally, MDM allows you to remotely manage device settings, push apps and updates, enforce security policies, and more.

While both Android LockTask Mode and MDM offer powerful device management capabilities, there are some differences between them. LockTask Mode is designed for restricting device usage to a single app, which can be useful in scenarios where the device is being used for a specific purpose, such as in a retail store or at a conference. MDM, on the other hand, provides a wider range of device management capabilities, which can be useful in a variety of different settings and scenarios.

To enable LockTask mode manually for the app that is currently in the foreground, use the following ADB command.

adb shell dpm set-lock-task-enabled true

To disable LockTask mode and allow the user to access other apps and features on the device, use the following ADB command.

adb shell dpm set-lock-task-enabled false

To manually enable LockTask mode for the app "com.codeproof.testapp" via adb shell, follow these steps:

adb shell dpm set-lock-task-package <PACKAGE> com.codeproof.testapp

The app "com.codeproof.testapp" should now be in LockTask mode. To disable LockTask mode, run the following command:

adb shell dpm clear-lock-task

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