How to remove Codeproof ?

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Here are the steps to uninstall Codeproof from Android and iOS devices. Please follow the steps carefully.

Steps to remove Codeproof from Android Devices

Based on the enrollment methods, Please follow one of the below instruction sets.

  1. Android Enterprise MDM Removal
  2. Device Admin MDM Removal

Steps to remove Codeproof from iOS Devices(iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch):

  1. Remove MDM Profile
  • Open "Settings" App and then go to "General" section and then go to "Device Management" section. Select "Codeproof MDM Profile" and tap on "Remove Management" button and remove it. If it ask for passcode, enter your phone passcode. Here are the detailed instructions to remove MDM profile.
  1. Uninstall Codeproof App
  • Hold and press Codeproof App icon until cancel mark appears. Click on cancel mark to delete the App.

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