Enabling Single App mode in iPhone, iPad and iPod

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Using the Codeproof MDM Platform, The IT Administrator can remotely enable Kiosk mode (AppLock, Single App Mode or Guided Access Mode) in an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.


1. Make sure that the device is configured as a "supervised" device. To enable supervision, follow this blog article.

2. Once supervision is enabled, Install Codeproof MDM app and enroll the device to Codeproof platform.

3. Login to Cloud Console and enable Kiosk mode policy for a set of devices. In the below example only safari browser app (com.apple.mobilesafari) will run in the device. This policy will be enforced automatically to all the devices in group "iOS Devices". See below image illustrations.




4. Using Codeproof console, Administrator can remotely enable/disable Kiosk mode policy without physically accessing the target device iPad or iPhone.

5. Codeproof also provides an API to enable Kiosk Mode policies.


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