Removing Android Enterprise MDM

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Here are the steps to remove Codeproof MDM from an Android device.


  1. Login to Cloud Console
  2. Select "Policy Manager" from the top menu
  3. Then expand the left side panel and then select a device from the mobile policy manager.
  4. On right side go to "Command Center" tab.
  5. Select "Data Wipe (Factory Reset)" command.
  6. Enter the optional command name and then click on "send command to device". Please make sure that device is online, so that device can execute the command immediately.
  7. The device will be factory reset to original condition. The Codeproof software and policies will be removed completely.
  8. Now you can delete the device-entry from the Console. Select the device node and right click and then select "Delete" from the menu to remove the device from console. See below image illustrations.

Device Factory Reset:



Delete the Device from the Console:


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Remove Device Admin MDM