How to block Android Overview Button?

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The Overview button, also known as the Recent Apps button, is a button on Android devices that allows users to switch between recently opened apps. When the Overview button is pressed, a list of recently opened apps appears on the screen, allowing the user to quickly switch to a different app without having to navigate back to the home screen. The Overview button is typically located on the bottom of the screen and is represented by a square icon with a smaller square inside.

Blocking or disabling overview button

The Codeproof MDM platform can be used to remotely block access to the Overview button on Android devices by following these steps:

In the Kiosk Mode tab,

  1. Enable Lock Task Mode policy
  2. Uncheck Enable Overview button policy

These changes can help ensure that devices are used for their intended purpose and prevent users from accessing other apps or functions. However, it's important to note that using Kiosk mode may have some limitations and could impact the user experience on the device. Therefore, thorough testing and adequate support should be provided to ensure effective implementation.

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