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In today's digital age, smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. However, the convenience of carrying valuable information and data on our devices can also lead to security risks, especially when the device is lost or stolen. In such scenarios, it is crucial for IT administrators to have control over the device's access remotely to prevent confidential data theft.

Codeproof UEM platform is a cloud-based Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution that enables IT administrators to manage and secure their mobile devices efficiently. One of the features of the Codeproof UEM platform is the ability to remotely enable a lost mode on Android devices. This feature is a powerful tool that can help protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.

Here are the steps to remotely enable lost mode on Android devices using the Codeproof UEM platform:

  1. Login to Codeproof Console

Log in to the Codeproof Console using your admin credentials.

  1. Go to Mobile Policy Manager from Top Menu Bar

From the top menu bar, select the "Mobile Policy Manager" option to access the device management interface.

  1. Select Your Android Device from Left-side Tree

In the device management interface, select your Android device from the left-side tree to access the device-specific Command Center.

  1. Access the "Command Center" on the Right-side Panel

On the right-side panel, click on the "Command Center" button to access the command center options.

  1. Select "Enable Lost Mode" command and click on the "Send" button to activate it remotely on the selected Android device..

After the command is executed on the device, the lost mode feature will lock the Android device and display a custom message on the lock screen. This message can include information such as a phone number to call if the device is found or a request to return the device to the IT department.

Accessing Command Center:

Issuing Lost Mode Command

Device Lock Screen:

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