Suspending and Hiding Apps in Android

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Using the Codeproof platform, the IT Administrator can block the app execution by suspending or hiding an app. In the example below, we show how to block the "Settings" app in the device.


Adding Blocking Policies in the Cloud Console:

  • Select a device or a group of devices in the Policy Manager.
  • Go to "Android Security" and then go to "App Restrictions".
  • For hiding Apps completely, add the app name to "Hide List".
  • For suspending & blocking the apps, add the app name to "Blocking List" .
  • In this example, we block Android "Settings" app ( in the device. See below.




In the Device:

In this example, we have blocked the "Settings" app in the device. When you tap on "Settings" app icon, the following message will appear. Similarly, If you hide a particular app, the icon will disappear from the home screen.




NOTE: The suspending/blocking apps functionality is only available on Android 7.0 and above.

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