Tracking the physical location of iPhone and iPad devices using MDM

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Using the Codeproof EMM/MDM Platform, IT Administrator can track the physical location of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. NOTE: In order to request the location from the device, the MDM must be already setup in the device. The MDM can be setup either using DEP or Profile based. The MDM agent app is not required in this case.

Here are the steps.

  1. Login to Cloud Console and then go to Mobile Policy Manager from the top menu.
  2. Select a iOS Device from the left-side tree panel.
  3. Now go to "Command Center" from the right-side tab.
  4. Select "Enable Lost Mode" command, give it a name and send it to device.
  5. Then select "Request Location" command and send it to device.
  6. Now go to "Locate Me" tab on right side to see the latest physical location of the device on a Google Map.


Enable Lost Mode



Sending Lost Mode Command





Request Device Location in the lost mode.


The Device Location is received by MDM Server



View the location information in the Google Map.



Disable the Lost Mode



The Lost Mode is disabled.



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